From Big Ideas to IdeasTap

IdeasTap is a national outfit, connecting creative people, funding and ideas. What a BIG idea – I hear you cry – and it’s realised through a highly informative, educational and supportive website that even incorporates an online magazine.

There is also The Spa, bringing you courses, workshops and events at IdeasTap HQ focused on developing your career in the arts. You can add your own events and invite fellow IdeasTap members.

The funding side of IdeasTap is very interesting. Got an original idea that needs a cash injection? This Fund offers a range of cash awards for projects entered into any of their four categories, Ideas Fund Innovators, Ideas Fund Green, Ideas Fund Edinburgh and Ideas Fund Shorts. Sadly, over 25 year olds need not apply as this is youth focused venture.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the site even has a Jobs section, where vacancies from a variety of different arts companies are listed.

Spread the word about this great supporter of the creative industries and get the Ideas flowing!

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