Interactive art meets music

If you’re a fan of music, of art, or of fun interactive projects, you’ll like this big idea.

The estate of Johnny Cash, the man in black, is releasing his final studio recording: “Ain’t No Grave”. The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art venture, a tribute from the public the world over to the man himself and his music.

From a selection of suggested images provided by the organisers via the website, anyone can create and contribute their own visual representation of the legendary singer and submit it to the project to become a single frame of the Ain’t No Grave music video.

The video, a living and evolving work, can be watched at any time in its current state and can even be customised by the viewer by selecting or deselecting certain criteria to produce, for example, a video of frames made up of drawings with the most brush strokes.

What a great way for the famously troubled musician’s fans, many of whom in the 1960s were inmates of some of America’s most notorious prisons (and may still be today), to be involved in their hero’s story and give something back after years of enjoying the sometimes painful, sometimes humorous music of Johnny Cash.


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