Real farming… but online

It was only a matter of time before even the most traditional of industries joined the social media revolution & it’s now official: Farming is online.

The National Trust is launching an experiment in which it will use social media to give 10,000 people control of one of its working farms.

The MyFarm experiment aims to connect people with food production on a working farm, giving them an insight into how the 1,200-acre organic farm in Wimpole, Cambridgeshire operates and asking them to vote on farming decisions through the year, such as what arable produce to grow and which animals to buy and rear for the table. They will be put into practice by Wimpole farm manager Richard Morris, who heads the initiative.

Each time a major decision is needed, Morris will set the context, pose the options and start an online discussion. 

Blogs and webcams will be used to bring the farm to life, and capture the changing seasons and agricultural process such as sowing, ploughing and harvesting, as well as lambing and calving.

This is a brilliant idea and I only hope that it is a success, as the British farming community needs the support of its consumers. After years of crises including foot & mouth and animal rights issues, let’s hope that farming can reconnect with British people and show them what a valuable and just business it can be.

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