Poolball, America’s new Barroom sport

Bar culture gamification has remained unchanged for decades. Across the globe the same few activities furnish bars, clubs and pubs: pool, darts, slot machines, if you’re very lucky foosball – or Babyfoot – have been the staple diet for customers and barfly’s around the globe. They’re simple, sociable and we all know the rules. We can decide how competitively we wish to take part, and are likey to come away unscathed (perhaps with the odd beer-slicked palm).

Ogilvy Argentina have decided to tap into this space, bringing together the best attributes from each, to launch a marketing campaign for Budweiser. They’ve dubbed it poolball! cool huh. The rules of the game, as you might expect, are simple enough that anyone can take part, no matter how inebriated it players may be.

Two teams of two players stand atop a 7-by-3-meter [23-by-10-foot] replica pool table and take turns kicking around a set of footballs that have been painted to resemble traditional pool balls. From there, the rules of pool take over and it’s up to you to sink your designated balls before your opponent does.

Take a peek at the video above, it even comes with a built in fridge, Splendid!


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