Royal wedding ideas – how will you spend yours?

Whether you’re a Royalist or a Roundhead, I doubt anyone will be passing up the opportunity to have an extra day of paid leave next Friday in honour of Prince William & Catherine Middleton‘s wedding.

It’s not often that you’re handed 24 hours on a plate. So, we’re intrigued to find out how people plan to spend theirs.

Will you knock yourself out Thursday evening for a sleep-athon, catching up on hours of kip missed over a lifetime, to come up smiling Saturday morning?

Are you planning to go to one of the numerous street parties across the country, promoted by national treasure Barbara Windsor?

Or are you in fact attending a totally unrelated event that day, perhaps a Bar Mitzvah or family pet memorial service?

Whatever your BIG ideas are for the Royal couple’s big day, we would like to hear from you. Every comment will receive a shiny All about the Idea sticker, which is sure to add to the gravitas of this historic day.

2 thoughts on “Royal wedding ideas – how will you spend yours?

  1. I LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing! It does get me in the party mood and excited about the fact that everyone has a day off for the Royal Wedding, no matter what their stance on the event is. I will personally be on holiday in Turkey, so LOVE the fact I can have an extra day in the sun without it impacting on another weekday later in the year that I will want to take off to spend enjoying more sunny weather somewhere!


  2. Thanks Suzanne! Yes, indeedy – a whole extra day holiday to spare. Interesting fact: When you combine Turkey and royalty you get a pack of cigarettes – Turkish Royals by Camel.


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