Big edible marketing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves an edible treat.

Let them eat cake!” she said and, to this day, we do if we want them to listen. It’s the ultimate in subliminal messaging; ingestible communications.

That is why more and more marketers are turning to the power of the cupcake to add a little sum’n-sum’n to their brand messaging at launches, conferences and client gifts.

Pictured are branded cupcakes featuring the logo of popular clothing company, Rare, made by The Artisan Cupcake Company, which specialises in Organic aswell as corporate cupcakes. 

All about the Idea has heard that a cupcake establishment is opening in Spitalfields, purely to service the needs of the City’s square mile (and Shoreditch). The Hummingbird Bakery does cupcakes by consultation – not only that, it has brought out a recipe book revealing 7 of its more unusual dessert cupcakes including the infamous Tiramisu Cupcake and Apple Crumble Cupcake.

Now, there’s some interesting ideas.


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