Try the idea, only then can you reach true enlightenment

The headline of this post encapsulates the latest bite-sized gem of wisdom emitted from the idea Sage that is Seth Godin.

In a blog post about what he calls ‘idea tourism‘, Godin compares the lazy tourism of many a holiday-maker (you know who you are), which involves sitting in a comfortable carriage and observing with interest the locals and their cultural norms from a distance, to the detached observation of new ideas, which inevitably fails to result in real comprehension.

As the marketing guru puts it: It’s possible to do a drive-by of some of the big ideas of science or politics or technology and see only what you want to see.

But, as with living in another country and becoming a native, even if only for a little while, or to’try before you buy’ with a new outfit or apartment, really understanding what the idea is all about will only come once you’ve tried it and seen it in action.

Be sure to take that nugget of knowledge with you when thinking about ideas for the Idea Awards – if your idea is a shower cap that scrubs your back for you, try it out, see if it works. And a prize goes to the most intriguing photograph of the testing process in action!


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