3D sound: Much more than surround sound

All about the Idea has heard of the latest BIG idea in sound technology: 3D audio.

The BBC reported on Saturday that a Princeton University professor has developed a filter system using computer software and an anechoic lab that produces a 3D sound effect.

“With 3D audio, I can get a fly to go around your head… or if you want to really scare somebody, you can put a sound inside their head,” says Professor Choueiri.

By eliminating what is known as ‘cross-talk’ from ordinary stereo systems – when the left and right ears hear sounds that they do not in real life – his unique filter relies on the listener being in a small ‘sweet spot’ between two speakers. However, the team at Princeton holding the patent have already managed to create multiple sweet spots in a room to accommodate the family listening experience.

Needless to say, Hollywood is already interested in the technology, including the producer of the blockbuster, Avatar.

Not the same process, but in a similar vein, Warwick University is bringing their own audio contribution to the 3D revolution at the Gadget Show Live: The sound shower, which will be in the Future Technology Zone along with 3D printing.

Find out more here: http://www.gadgetshowlive.net/page.cfm/action=Exhib/ExhibID=159


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