Idea Awards goes foodie

Another Idea Awards announcement:

We have just had it confirmed from the charming people at Britain’s oldest salmon curers that a side of Forman’s London Cure smoked salmon will be forming part of our Idea Awards Hamper, this year’s second prize.

Harry (Aaron) Forman arrived in London’s East End from Russia at the beginning of the last century & his BIG idea was to start a business curing the salmon he had imported in barrels of brine from the Baltic. It wasn’t long, however, before he discovered a rich source of fresh wild salmon much closer to home: Scotland.

Inspired by the exceptional quality of fresh Scottish salmon, Harry developed a cure that complemented its unrivalled flavour. The deliciously mild London Cure was born and soon it was the talk of reputable establishments around the capital.

A century later H. Forman & Son, like All about the Idea, remains a family concern, the last of the original London smokeries, with Lance Forman, Harry’s great grandson, flying the flag for the famous London Cure.

Great British smoked salmon has no finer partner, surely, than our favourite BIG ideas English sparkling wine producers, Nyetimber – the ideal contents of our Idea Awards Hamper.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this delicious hamper is to add an idea. If you’re not sure how the competition works, click on How it Works. It’s very simple – just tell us what you think is a BIG idea.


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