What’s clipping the Black Swan’s wings?

I’m increasingly under the impression that films for adults are being squezzed out of the marketplace, to make room for kids flix that hedge a safe bet for their studios. Hollywood of course would argue that over 25’s are no longer making the journey to the cinema, opting instead for their 50 inch plasma’s, plugged into the on-demand blockbuster universe that ensures we never have to leave the couch again.

Even the experience of going to the pictures is like a stroll through Disneyland; the sweet and salty stench from industrial vats of popcorn, seep deep into the theatre walls, the yellow and red – golden arched – colour scheme ever more influential to MGM interior design.

The downturn has left the industry no choice but to be driven by marketing decisions that add up. Risk is no longer an option to the studio with city finance and wealthy investors having reeled their wedge back in. One bad roll of the dice is curtains at the roulette table. Added to which, piracy is increasingly on the up, forcing the studios into same day global launches to guarantee bums on seats. As soon as the first few frames make their way through the projector, thousands of beady HD camera’s begin duplicating their cells.

It’s not an entirely candy-coloured calendar though, we’re in the midst of Awards season, with all the big guns rolling out their contenders. Suddenly, we’re flooded with juicy looking performance and direction. Enjoy it whilst it lasts though: unless you’re interested in training a dragon, becoming the last Airbender or queuing up for Transformers 4 (all available in retina defying 3D) it’s going to feel like a long year until adult films make their way back onto our screens.

If, like me, you long for a plot driven film experience, check out Secret Cinema. Their ‘events’ are driven by a community of cinema lovers, mystery, experience and the unknown. You sign up for tickets in blind faith; you don’t know what film you’re going to see and the location is kept a secret. Closer to the event, communications are delivered via email and social media, encouraging you to create, join in, and dress up. The event itself is designed to immerse you into the occasion, creating an atmosphere and experience that perfectly partners the film. You are drawn into the world of your favourite characters and plots, far far away from the candy-corn disney express, and Harry Potter’s new 3D spectacles.

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