The life Aquatic with Raonhaje

Without any official training and with a cool few grand in hand, you could buy into the submerged world of the eco sub mariner; exploring le grand bleu – as long as you deploy your sub in blue waters – and be the envy of the pirating community.

It’s built by South Korean company Raonhaje, which is producing fleets of these Ego Semi-Submarines for resorts, and single units to individuals and yacht owners. The company offers to build custom moorings for the craft, as well as hoists for yachts.

I can’t imagine what the experience would be like, cruising the oceans roof, whilst steering your floats from below. I imagine that its closer to snorkelling rather than scuba, constantly reminding yourself that you should be steering above sea level.

With the ever growing numbers of underwater hotels, you can now live out your merman/mermaid Atlantis fantasy.

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