Le Whif and Le Whaf

Having come across this on Radio’s 2’s Chris Evans breakfast show, I had to find out more about this BIG idea

Le Whif, invented by Harvard’s professor of biomedical engineering David Edwards, is pure genius or total madness.

Starting out life as an inhalator that puffs micro-particles of chocolate into your mouth, giving you the sensation of consuming a bar of chocolate without actually eating anything, Le Whif has now branched out into other areas including breathable coffee (“the kick of coffee without the cup”) and vitamins without the pills.

The dieting potential of Le Whif as a saleable product have not been overlooked and it is now being marketed as the innovation in healthy eating, though the company is keen to avoid the ‘fad’ label, which is being forced on them by rival confectioners.

I am almost 100% sure that I would never substitute a bite of chocolate brownie, however small, for a prolonged inhalation of Le Whiff and true coffee lovers would doubtless never abandon a rich espresso for a tug on a caffeine inhaler. However, I can see that it might have more medicinal rather than gastronomic appeal as a replacement to ProPlus, for example, the student lifestyle caffeine pills.

The breathable vitamins also have their benefits as numerous sections of society have significant difficulty swallowing even the most streamlined of capsules and it could be useful adapting the inhaler for elderly hospital patients or those on frequent doses of medication.

David Edwards mentioned on Chris Evans’ breakfast show that his latest product Le Whaf is also underway; an inhaler for a variety of different dishes, sweet and savoury.

Whatever you think of this invention, whether sublime or ridiculous, it has got to be admitted as an idea of seriously BIG proportions.

4 thoughts on “Le Whif and Le Whaf

  1. Found it impossible to find in the shops over Christmas, even the ones listed on their website. They should be all about the idea of getting them in shops.


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