Warwick University brings engineering to the masses

‘Warwick on Wheels’, an interactive exhibition promoting amongst other things the importance of carbon efficiency, will soon be coming to venue near you. Included in the line up of futuristic displays is Warwick’s ‘Vegetable Car’; a fully functioning Formula 3 racing car made almost entirely out of sustainable materials. The steering wheel, for instance, is built using carrot fibre.

With the reported demand for engineering professionals set to rise in the UK in the next 10 years at a rate of 2% a year, as stated by the UK Department for Education and Skills, and the high ‘drop out’ rate, according to a study by the Engineering Council, Warwick University announces that it will be taking to the road and bringing science and engineering to the masses this coming Easter time.

This comes as the ideal response to Andrew Ramsay, Director responsible for Engineers’ Regulation, who was quoted in June: “Universities that are unwilling to recognise the importance of a good grounding in science and maths will continue to risk high drop-out rates”.

The exhibition, which is being put together by yours truly, aims to capture the imagination of young minds and inspire them to consider science and engineering as a future career, as it is now more important than ever that all potential engineers are encouraged and developed.

Open to the general public, the exhibition is expected to run for a whole day, free of charge. Further details as to the exact date(s) and location of the venue(s) will be released later this month.

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