Effective A/V communications against the clock!

Client: InterContinental Hotel Group
Time: 3-5 weeks
Mission: To produce 3 emotive videos. The first, to be shown 3 weeks from start date, to suit a global audience. Second & third, to be shown in 5 weeks at the Group’s biennial Cairo conference in superwide format (16:3 aspect ratio) and also for post-conference DVD viewings (16:9 aspect ratio), using the same media for both.

The clock started ticking and with no time to organise shoots, the BIG ideas had to start flowing and the All about the Idea machine sprang into action.

Video 1: Great Hotels Guests Love
Global, so absolutely no language.
Music: Essential, to accompany images of guests loving great hotels. An extremely famous song by an established and world renowned composer & singer was chosen.

Techniques: The creative brief was to breathe life into their existing photography from their vast network of brand libraries. Using a perspective altering technique called ‘parallaxing’ and ‘fragments’, planes in the the photographs were separated and background elements recreated digitally, which allowed camera tracks and pulls to be added to the scenes. The result is a superslow motion crawl, taking you further into the guests’ world and pin-pointing moments that create lasting memories.
Drama: After a seriously last minute music change and several frantic phone calls across the pond, the Great Hotels Guests Love video was delivered on time and in readiness for the Group’s intranet.

Video 2: IHG brands’ successes since the 2008 conference
Music: Coldplay instrumental for the conference, soundalike for future showings.

Techniques: Our mission was to reprise facts and figures from IHG’s global activity showcasing them in a way that would engage and inspire the audience, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment and energised for the conference schedule ahead. Utilising on-brand graphical iconography, fast-paced screen transitions, movement and dissolves, we created an uplifting presentation piece in conference super-wide format (20 metre wide screens) and also for a post-conference internal communications cascade in HD screen format.
Drama: After script change after script change, the piece was condensed from 5 minutes to just over 3 without damaging the overall look & feel.

Video 3: The IHG Vision
Music: Palladio with electric harp for the conference, soundalike for future showings.

Techniques: Film C was the vision piece, projected onto a whopping 20 metre wide conference screen, electric harp bellowing out to a gobsmacked, adrenalin pumped audience. The film is a montage of film and photography, chopping and changing pace between speeded up time-lapse footage and super-slow motion intricate photographic moments using the parallax technique. The film needed to work in both 16:3 and 16:9 formats using one source of media.
Drama: All the excitement for this piece was on screen, thankfully!

So, there you have it. How to produce 3 emotive, compelling and inspiring A/V pieces against the clock the All about the Idea way.


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