Facebook: Fad or fixture?

I came across a Brand Republic blog post recently, which gave me pause for thought. It was entitled “Facebook is dead”.

This kind of title is obviously going to be very effective at pulling in curious readers imagining the demise of the Zuckerberg baby or some monumental social media armageddon.

It turned out, merely, that the novelty of Facebook for the author had worn off and it followed that the author had got bored and ‘killed’ his account (or rather, put it to sleep as Facebook is capable of ‘waking up’ your dormant account again if and when you change your mind).

It is undoubtable that in the beginning Facebook was the most intriguing and exciting phenomenon the internet and most bored university students had come across… ever. Now though, it is fair to say that yes, the novelty has worn off. But does that mean that Facebook is dead?

Far from it.

Facebook has now entered the realms of the habitual, the daily, the ‘do it without even thinking’. It’s basically brushing your teeth, or checking your emails. It has become untouchable because it is so embedded into people’s lives. It is not ‘exciting’ anymore, it is… sort of necessary.

I realise how this sounds. And contrary to the tone of this post, I am not a Facebook obsessive. However, I do find it incredibly useful in particular with regards the storage and viewing of mine and others’ photographs. It is also excellent for keeping in contact with those with whom I don’t talk too regularly. It is a handy tool for promotions, as is Twitter; a personal advertising board.

And I am aware that all of these functions can very well be completed by other online platforms, but when all of this is in one familiar place, why kill it?

It would be like burning all your trousers, just because this season we’re wearing skirts.

One thought on “Facebook: Fad or fixture?

  1. 100% agree, for me Facebook is like guns.. As in like guns don’t kill people, people kill people / any negatives about Facebook come from its users. As a platform for lots of communication it’s really excellent. It can’t die, it’s too ubiquitous, that guy will resurrect his account for sure. Also, he could just not check it all the time rather than actually closing his account.. Also, he’s just told everyone about it like it’s a big deal, he sounds like the kind of person who’d update his status when he went for a poo. Someone should shoot him. Oh..


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