Elephant polo viral video for Henry Tuke

Here is a little viral video of the World Elephant Polo Association’s World Championships 2010 at Tiger Tops Nepal, which we put together for Henry Tuke to leverage their sponsorship. http://www.henrytuke.com


2 thoughts on “Elephant polo viral video for Henry Tuke

  1. I have finally got around to seeing this video and it was fascinating to watch this sport. I have been to the polo many times but this is first time I have seen it played whilst on Elephants…. Well done on your success in this sport – I can only imagine that there would be a lot of skill (and patience!) involved! I have been to Tiger Tops… Gorgeous location!
    It would have been a lovely experience to be involved no matter what the result and to walk away with such a level of success would have been such a buzz! Well done…. LOVE the Henry Tuke polo shirts as well… They made your team look formidable and very professional!


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