Clever idea to combat recession decline in bar sales

The recession has altered the landscape for marketers as much as the sales force.

With struggling economies and belts tightening all over Europe and the globe, bar sales of alcoholic beverages have taken a serious knock as penny-pinching consumers have taken their custom off the highstreet and into the comfort of their own homes.

But for the marketing team at drinks giant, Diageo, it has been an opportunity to launch their latest innovation, the pre-mix draught, onto the market. A Latin favourite, the mojito, is now available on tap in selected outlets across Spain and the company plans to launch the mojito dispenser in 500 pubs in Britain in the coming weeks.

The figures speak for themselves: Cocktail to brew costs more than 4 euros, half the price of a freshly prepared cocktail, writes Bloomberg.

An interesting detail, from a marketing perspective, is that this ‘mojito’ is in fact made with Diageo’s very own Smirnoff vodka and not with the traditional ingredient of white rum.

Well, in the words of Ness from Gavin & Stacey, “Times are hard. And there’s a credit crunch on.” Never a truer word spoken.

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