Elephant Polo is real and we’re in the final…

This is not an April Fool.

All about the Idea’s Director is currently fighting for Queen and Country in Nepal at the World Elephant Polo Championships. Formerly a rugby man, Tom Tuke-Hastings now seeks his thrills in more exotic climes with even larger beasts than can be found on the pitches of Regents Park snorting through their mouth guards of a Saturday morn.

Tom said of the adventure:

Amazingly we have managed to beat the Nepali national parks and are in the final for the world championships. Wildly excited after an amazing day. It is all getting a bit serious now as we are in with a real chance as the team are doing really well. Only, significantly over excited and need a couple of people to tether me down. Very physical game today and a big one tomorrow.

Let us hope that the Elephant Polo pro’s ultimate championship nightmare does not come to pass and the animals keep their concentration: For it is written in the official World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) rulebook:

“An elephant may not pick up the ball with its trunk during play. To do so shall constitute a foul.”

I wonder whose BIG idea that was! Check out the scores here


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