Saving the world by projecting its people

A colleague introduced me to the latest viral from Aviva, which I think is demonstrative of the kind of thinking that really makes these campaigns work.

Aviva gets to flex its philanthropic muscles by doing something for Save the Children and by doing so increases its popularity with consumers and strengthens its business mantra as a ‘people’ company. The viral itself works on 2 levels – it reflects the company’s interest in people (as opposed to policies) and utilises the vanity of consumers by preying on their desire for fame, however fabricated.

The idea is for the consumer to donate their picture. We all have pictures of ourselves out there in the web sphere now; they’re very rarely private, so why not donate them to a good cause. The use of a Facebook application facilitates this process and what the consumer gets in return is the chance to feature as a giant projection somewhere in the world, achieving those elusive 15 minutes of fame. In addition, just in case the giant projection slips out of your grasp, a consolation prize of your very own video, starring you, is created by Aviva in a matter of minutes and sent to your inbox.

Preying on our vanity and obsession with celebrity culture it may be but I admit, I am exactly that consumer and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Just wanted to see my face up there on a billboard!

If you would like to pretend you’re famous and help Save the Children, click here.


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