Personification of a brand – clever marketing

For those of you who live in a hole, you won’t know that yesterday was Arthur’s Day. Who is Arthur? Arthur Guinness of course, inventor of the black stuff.

Drinks giant, Diageo, first launched the smart marketing tool in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of its most famous brewing brand. A series of music events located in major cities across a number of continents, the heart being in Dublin, Ireland, attracted thousands of Guinness devotees and music lovers expected to raise a glass to the memory of the man himself. 

Initially, there were no plans for the anniversary celebration to be continued beyond last year’s inaugural event, however Guinness’ head of marketing, Tanya Clarke, told the Irish Independent, “…in the feedback we got after it there was a real appetite for it to be run again. One survey showed that 93 (percent) of consumers wanted us to run it again and the pubs were very keen for us to do it as well.”

This year’s event though saw Diageo marketers up their game by introducing an Arthur’s Day Facebook fan page and a free iPhone app, which includes a pub finder and the ability to share your unique toast with the world.

The face behind the brand, a social media buzz, music and drinking – no wonder it was a huge success. I wonder what next year will bring.

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