From whiskey powered cars to beer fuelled goats…

A while ago, I wrote here about a discovery that had been made by a Scottish University in the field of bio-fuel, which used the bi-products from the whiskey making process to produce a product that could power ordinary cars in the same way as petrol.

It would seem that there are more people out there than just the scientists of Edinburgh Napier University who are clamouring to get their hands on drinks giant, Diageo’s waste products. A Jamaican goat farmer has revealed that one of the secrets to the success of his 400 strong goat farm in central St Mary is the production of his own feed, using the hops, or trash, from the beer-making process.

Karl Codner, like all the best ideas men, is committed and is often up at four in the morning to beat the crowd at the Diageo plant where he purchases a key ingredient – malt hops – at $1,000 a tonne, which is then mixed with molasses and corn residue. Compared to ready-made feed at $900 a bag, a bag for each pen per day & 16 pens, this proves to be an extremely cost effective idea.

A man after All about the Idea‘s own heart, Codner reveals his marketing strategy: “I do my own marketing, because I do my own slaughtering and I process and deal directly with the consumers in terms of meat … There is no middleman in my operation because the middleman is the one who makes all the money.”

As perseptive an observation as ever there was and a fascinating individual. To read more about one man and his goats, click here.

Pictured above: Karl Codner points to the plastic material used for roofing the goat pens. The material is discarded by Diageo and recycled by Codner


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