Mother Nature knows best…

All about the Idea was recently introduced to a project that harsesses the BIG ideas provided by Mother Nature.

Introducing AskNature, the brainchild of the Biomimicry Institute. AskNature asks the question, ‘How would Nature solve green building challenges?’ and produces elegant solutions to the conservation of materials, gathering water and capturing energy.

Nature’s answers include the Scots pine’s adaptive growth, the thorny devil’s passive water collection, and a leaf’s on-site energy production.

As a ‘for instance’, AskNature tell us that the wings of many large-winged insects remain dirt-free (e.g., butterflies, moths, dragonflies), an obvious advantage for effective flight, and they do so without using chemical detergents or expending energy. Now this is the clever bit. “This is accomplished by the interaction between the multi-scale micro- and nano- topography on their wing surfaces and the physical properties of water molecules.” So there.

The simple basis of this innovative venture is that, in the design world, when trying to find responsible, ecological solutions: If we’re trying to do it, chances are, nature already did it better.

Damn Mother Nature, she has all the BIG ideas


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