Big messages in Trafalgar Square? BIG idea.

London’s Design Festival between 18 and 26th September will see a German BIG idea come to life in the centre of Trafalgar Square.

Infamous German manufacturer, Audi, has teamed up with Swedish-German design firm, Kram/Weisshaar, to produce Outrace, a spectacle that will light up central London’s skies with messages submitted from around the world.

Rather like the 2005 Citroen Picasso advert that made the automaker’s production line machines visible and accessible to the general public (which are now, incidentally, targeting cancer using radiation in the Harley Street Clinic), Outrace uses eight of Audi’s own robots to create an atmosphere of artificial intelligence and intrigue.

Visitors are invited to log on and submit a message to Outrace, which the robots will scribe across the sky in 3D lighting graphics using LED.  

It is a joy to see the arts and technology being juxtaposed seamlessly in the design world and what a great idea to employ the strangely human imagery and method of Audi’s robotic arms.

And finally, WHAT A VIDEO!


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