Leading the way in Precise Real-Time Location

We are all familiar with GPS and many of us take this technology for granted now that we can navigate our way along any given trajectory using our iPhone or TomTom. But consider the possibility of tracking the movement and location of things or people inside, outside, or underground in 3D and to a degree of accuracy unknown to satellite location systems. This is the job of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) developed by Ubisense.

Using Ultrawide Band radio waves (UBW), the incredible thing about this technology is its precision – a target’s location can be pinpointed to within 10 or 15cm. While this is impressive in itself, it takes on new significance when intergrated with leading technologies in different industry areas. For instance, for the recent production of Carmen at the O2 arena, RTLS was used in conjunction with the latest innovations in audio to achieve a localised sound result in a cavernous space.

The potential of this kit as a truly effective business solution has been demonstrated by Ubisense particularly well in the field of manufacturing. Installation in even the largest and busiest warehouses building and finishing the most valuable wares provides real-time process visibility along the production line, ensures identification of inefficiencies or blockages and reduces search times for tools and finished products.

This technology has even been implemented in the agricultural industry to monitor livestock behaviour and improve efficiency in targeting individual animals for milking and other processes.

BIG idea that solves the age old problem of finding a needle in a haystack. And an idea that has major problem solving potential when teamed with other BIG ideas.

Check out the RTLS’s space-age potential in the Santander video above, courtesy of Ubisense.


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