Champagne for Idea of the Year

Since the launch of the All about the Idea Idea Awards we have had some fantastic entries, including some original ideas and praise for existing innovations. The subject matter, as we hoped, spans the arts, technology, the ridiculous (see the USB powered neck tie…) and contraversial (thank you to James for his potent Hunting suggestion).

Now that the Idea Awards are well underway, an update can be found below:

The top 3 ideas currently stand as:

In third place, Jamie Boyd with ‘Screw Top’ wine

In second, Jo Furn with the ‘Art Deco Motorcycle’, but

In poll position, currently in line to receive the bottle of Champagne courtesy of All about the Idea, is Barny Barratt with the BIG idea of ‘Electronic Receipts’.

Barny’s post has even inspired comments aimed at challenging the practicalities of the idea, but he’s obviously thought this one through and has come back with some pretty decent answers in its defence.

An idea, sparking debate = BRILLIANT! Just what we want.

So, congratulations Barny. But, don’t get the ice bucket out just yet. There are plenty of BIG ideas out there poised to grace the pages of the Idea Awards and an extremely attractice liquid incentive to boot.

Check out the current top 3 – do they deserve to be there? Rate them from Rubbish to Spectacular and, if you can do better, prove it – click here to upload your idea now!


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