Driving instead of flying….

I am extremely excited because today sees the start of that annual joy that is THE HOLIDAY.

When it was originally planned (an age ago), I of course assumed that my friends and I would be travelling to our holiday destination in the Dordogne in the metal, winged contraption they call ‘aeroplane‘. I was wrong.

In an attempt to “reduce cost” and ensure that the holiday wouldn’t be too relaxing, my brother (holiday planner and all round dictator) announced that we would, in fact, be driving (and I was to share the burden, naturally).

Having got over the initial shock, I am now quite pleased with the idea. Particularly since I was informed that there are airport strikes in the pipeline. Of course, I may change my mind once I am presented with the prospect of driving on the right and dodging aggressive French motorists. Watch this space…

So, what do we reckon – driving vs. flying. Fun road trip or worst idea ever?

2 thoughts on “Driving instead of flying….

  1. Well…. approximately 14 hours. Split over 2 days naturally. And we had all sorts of excitements like a ruptured exhaust, fuel station after fuel station closed with only a breath of petrol in the tank and no air con – I confess it was necessary to pilot the vehicle in my bra and pants in one particularly swealtering traffic jam!


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