iDish – an ‘interesting’ idea from the Orient

While Apple are quietly taking over the world, one man and his iPad are teaming up to produce an innovation in gastronomical experience.

The iDish is a … I hestitate to say BIG idea, but it’s certainly an idea. It is based on the principle that discounted sushi can be made a more attractive prospect to your stomach by making the dish off which it is eaten more appealing.

The initial experiment sees our friend pulling up a picture of a clean, wooden chopping board on his iPad, laying the half price sushi directly on top of the iPad (or rather, the iPad cleverly disguised as a chopping board) and, hey presto: “All of a sudden, it became yummy-looking sushi, I almost forget it was in a pack.

iDish, A magical and revolutionary product.”

But our Apple inventor doesn’t stop there. Why should he?

Next, he creates the illusion of “warm” rice by pulling up a picture of a human hand and placing a ball of rice on top of the iPad:

“What a warm looking it became. Taste of mother’s. With this, you won’t be feeling lonely at all.”


Our friend from the East finally admits defeat after trying curry on his iDish – rice, meat and thick sauce all over his expensive, state of the art equipment. He mused, “iDish is flat surface, curry can’t be scooped”.

Eventual conclusion after considerable testing? “Electric device and food doesn’t match.

It’s better to eat with normal dishes.”

I’m feeling that this one won’t catch on. However, 10 out of 10 for effort.


One thought on “iDish – an ‘interesting’ idea from the Orient

  1. After all the effort he goes to, he finally admits defeat…


    iDish, what did you think?

    After all these trials, I hesitate to say this,

    but overall, the impression of eating foods with iDish actually is,

    it does not taste so great.

    After all, electric device and food doesn’t match.

    It’s better to eat with normal dishes.

    And iDish is flat surface, Curry can’t be scooped.

    In addition, the biggest problem is,

    Your iPad will be dirty.”


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