Ernesto Neto: The Edges of the World

After another busy week at All about the Idea HQ, I decided to unwind by participating in some Friday night ethereal wanderings at the Hayward Gallery. I had heard nothing but glowing reports about Ernesto Neto and his absorbing, sensory installations, but nothing could prepare me for the heady warmth experienced from meandering about his acid coloured chambers. It truly is an out of body experience, and one that I could not recommend highly enough.

As you wander barefoot through the interlinked spaces stretched with nylon, smooth lunar-esque pebbles and swells of lavender and herbs, it’s hard not take on a sense of euphoric well being.

Public spaces filled with children on the loose usually guarantees my looking for the nearest exit, but even their usual hyperactive abundance was subdued by Neto’s undulating ambiances. Finally a space where we can all co-exist together in peace… Don’t believe me? Check out the experience as seen through the eyes of toddler Finn in the above video.

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