UV water cleaner wins UK leg of Dyson awards

Whilst traveling through Zambia, Tim Whitehead, a design and technology graduate from Loughbrough university had a BIG idea with the potential to make a real difference to many peoples lives. His innovative bottle design eliminates the need to use chlorine and iodine tablets to sterilise drinking water. These take up to 30 minutes to work and leave a horrible taste in your mouth. Tim’s water bottle uses instead uses ultraviolet light to sterilise water from anywhere in the world in just over 90 Seconds.

An outer chamber of the bottle is filled with dirty water from a lake, stream or puddle. The inner chamber plunges through the outer chamber, filtering water particles as small as four microns. Once the water is clear of sediment, it is sterilised using a wind-up ultra violet bulb. A fully working prototype has been scientifically proven to sterilise 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses.

The design for Pure has won the UK heat of the annual James Dyson Award and will now take on designs from around the world. Best of luck Tim, bring it home for the UK.


2 thoughts on “UV water cleaner wins UK leg of Dyson awards

  1. Hooray for Tim! The possibilities are endless for this one. It needs to be made accessible and affordable as soon as possible.


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