Dubai Duty Free Diageo Drinks Pod

An eternal effort for marketers worldwide is how to really gel with the consumer. It is in this field that real innovation is sought and the truly BIG ideas are needed.

Monster drinks company, Diageo, well known for its memorable campaigns for traditional brands such as Guinness and Smirnoff, have been not only business-like but business-class in promoting their brand, Johnnie Walker Double Black.

And so, Dubai airport, a hub of commercial travel, has become home to an unusual shopper experience with the introduction of a large club-esque ‘pod’ between the first and business class Emirates’ lounges in Terminal 3.

The idea is to connect with the consumer by educating them in a luxurious interactive arena on the history, production, serving and tasting experience of the brand. Featuring a giant touch screen, changing lights, sounds and smells, the consumer is treated to a sampling event-come-tutorial such that they won’t have encountered before.

Yes, it may be a gimmick but who said that gimmicks don’t work?


2 thoughts on “Dubai Duty Free Diageo Drinks Pod

  1. Oh, cool, that’s so interesting – I actually travel through Dubai alot. Will stop for an educational sampling experience for sure on my next visit!


  2. I work for Emirates stationed out of Dubai. I know this stretch between 1st and Business well. They seem to be introducing brand experiences in most airports these days, even Luton believe it or not. Make mine a Johnnie Walker any day!


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