Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…

It is easy to forget about the BIG ideas that emanated from the ancient world. I think that there is a tendency to consider more recent innovations as cleverer as they often involve more advanced technology.

I do not intend to turn this post into a lecture in antiquities. Nor do I mean to condone any form of warfare or mass genocide. However…

In terms of a BIG (some would argue, legendary) idea, one ought to pause for a moment to consider the crafty genius of the Trojan Horse.

Having read, studied and thoroughly enjoyed both Homer’s Iliad and the Augustan propaganda copycat, Virgil’s Aeneid, I confess to being enthralled by the tale of how the 10 year Trojan War finally arrived at its bloody conclusion.

It was due to an idea of such cunning and brutal simplicity that its legend has survived a milennium and evolved into an effective mantra, relevant to all nations: Don’t trust your enemies. Now, it is even associated with “malware” computer programs!

It is thought to have been the brain child of Odysseus, to build a wooden representation of the Trojan emblem, hide the best of the Greek forces inside and offer it to them as a parting gift. It is a testament to the mythical fortifications of Troy that the war lasted a decade, and what better way to get inside the bowels of the city than to be wheeled in by the inhabitants themselves?!

So, remember kids, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (or is that something else??)….


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