Parking at ‘home’

Car Park is Full

Having only just moved to the Big Smoke and having developed a life-long aversion to public transport, there was a time in the recent past when I needed to be able to get to town in the comfort of my diesel sport, safe in the knowledge that I could drop her off somewhere convenient, safe and not extortionate, before pursuing my city plans and rendezvous-ing with said TDI Polo at a later date to return home.

I needed a Big Idea. Enter

Founded in 2006, the idea is that city dwellers rent out their off-street parking, drives and garages to city visitors in need. All that the ‘parker’ has to do is register, do a postcode search of where they would like to park, pick a property-owner from the list and book a slot with them. Payment can be as hassle free as sticking a tenner in an envelope and dropping it through the letterbox on arrival.

It has been likened to a matchmaking service and, actually, it works really well. I have used it many times as have members of my family (the aversion to public transport is hereditary).

So, until teleportation is a viable transport option, I reckon this is the next best thing. What a great idea!


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