All new All about the Idea Blog & Idea Awards!

Welcome to All about the Idea‘s brand new Blog and home of the Idea Awards.

Each week we will be whetting your creative appetites with bite-sized blog ‘bits’, keeping you up-to-date on the biggest and best ideas of past and present, maybe even future.

But we are not the only contributors, oh no. Whatever you think is a big idea: whether it be a product, a process or just something that people are doing; business or recreational; old or new; we invite you to add it in our brand new Idea Awards space. Then sit back and watch as fellow creatives read, ruminate and rate your idea.

How it works is for every idea of yours we post, you will be sent a limited edition Idea of the Year sticker for you to plaster on something. The best ideas with the most votes will go into a shortlist for the Idea of the Year 2010 award, with the winning submission maybe even eventually ending up in a book!

So, get thinking, get creative and get involved – and Welcome!


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